1. Zac Efron should play Finnick Odair.

    No wait, let me explain. I don’t even fancy the guy and for some strange and unexplainable reason I can see him play this character.

    First of all, he has charisma. We’ve all seen this in interview, and frankly, I think he loves himself. Finnick knew he was a handsome guy and you know what, I can totally see Zac pulling this off. He’s also got a deeper side and if you haven’t seen Zac Efron take on more sensitive roles (I thought the Charlie St. Cloud movie was well done), I don’t know what to say.

    Second, he’s got the physical aspect. He’s well built, good looking guy, light colored eyes and is considered a “pretty boy” in most cases. 

    Third…he’s exactly Finnick Odair’s age. He’s 24, Finnick’s 24…I don’t even know why I have to explain this. 

    Oh, and for any of you who question his swimming abilities, I wouldn’t. Pretty sure he was in the water for Charlie St. Cloud and the few years he filmed for Summerland. I’m confident he can save Josh Hutcherson from drowning (not that he would need saving, he doesn’t have a prosthetic leg).


    I’m sure if you ask Zac nicely, he would agree to dye his hair red.

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    1. pandemix said: Unfortunately….you have a great point. He would be a very good pick…and that would draw even MORE teeny boppers into the fandom that is the hunger games.
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